Has an emergency just come up instantly, and you don’t have any funds to cater to it? This is where a fast cash loan comes in. You can use it to cater to those emergencies that come up without notice. It can be that your business car has just broken down and your business can continue without the car. What will you do? Apply for a fast cash loan.

A crisis may just come up, and your savings can’t manage to cater to the needs and also the family’s expenses. That’s why you find that legal credit companies process the fast cash loan quickly to ensure that your needs are catered to immediately. Fast cash loans include payday loans, cash advances, and instant loans.

Here are some things that you need to know about a fast cash loan. Fast cash loans can be acquired from a good deal of credible money lending companies like Oasis Credit Services PTE LTD.

1.      They Don’t Need Any Collateral

Something amazing about fast cash loans is that you can acquire them without necessarily having collateral. It is an unsecured type of loan. Therefore, you can get the full amount that you are asking for in an instant without having to give your car or home as collateral.

However, even if you won’t need to provide collateral, ensure you use the money well to prevent depleting the money and not having attended to your needs. Therefore, be wise on how you use the fast cash loan.

The decision to get a fast cash loan can take a minute to a few hours. Your reason for wanting fast cash will play a huge in role in the decision-making process. You are assured that you will get the money within 2 hours or after a day or two. It depends on the amount, your credibility, and the terms. Remember to use it well to prevent accruing unnecessary debts.

2.      No Checking Of Credit History

In some cases, when getting a fast cash loan, the money lending company won’t even check your credit history. Therefore, you are assured that you can get the money to cater to the emergency instantly. However, if you have a terrible credit score, it can still be hard to get a fast cash loan. On the other hand, if you have a reasonable credit score, it will be easier to get a loan.

Therefore, you should strive to have a good credit score. However, in some emergencies, the legal credit company won’t even check your credit score before giving you a fast cash loan.

However, you need to provide enough evidence of the urgency of the fast cash loan. Also, it is important to seek help from a company that you are used to. It will be easier for them to trust and give you some cash.

3.      Fast Cash Loans Are Of Low Amounts.

Unlike the popular belief that fast cash loans are a large amount. They aren’t, actually. Most of the fast cash loans are normally between $500 and $1000 or less. It just depends on the urgent need that needs to be catered to.

At times, if you take up such a large loan, it can be hard to pay for it. That’s why most moneylenders prefer giving out short-term fast cash loans or smaller loans to make it easier for people to pay back.

This comes in handy when it’s an urgent need that you need to satisfy. Therefore, when an emergency arises, don’t shy away from getting a fast cash loan from a reputable money lending company.

4.      Fast Cash Loan Interests Are Based On The Amount Borrowed.

Did you know that the interest for a fast cash loan is based on the amount borrowed? Therefore, if you borrow a large amount, then be assured that the interest rate will also be based on that. For example, if you get funding of $1000 you might find that the interest rate is between 10-30%.

It all depends on the company’s terms and the amount you are getting. However, still, remember to read the terms and conditions first before signing. At times, it may seem like time wastage when reading the terms and conditions, however, when things turn for the worst, you will be presented with the terms and get consumed. Also, remember to pay the loan at the end of the loan cycle.

5.     Fast Cash Loan Terms Differ In the Different States And Companies

In Singapore, there are many legal money lending companies. At times, you find that that credit company has a different term as compared to the other company. Therefore, just ensure you do background research to know which credit company favors you more.

Also, in some cases, you find that in some regions, there are regulations on the number of interests that a company can charge a borrower for a fast cash loan. Therefore, you need to be on the know-how to distinguish between a credible moneylending company and a money shark. Also, try to use the money for the right purpose.

6.      The Repayment Period Is Short

You also find that the repayment period for a fast cash loan is short. You might need to pay within a month or even two weeks. However, it all depends on the discussion you have with the money lending company.

Some tend to be more understanding than others. However, the repayment period for most of these loans is normally short. Also, when a paycheck is deposited in your account, the money lending company will deduct it as agreed. Furthermore, always try paying off the fast cash loan earlier than usual.


You need to adhere to all these to get a fast cash loan. Your needs should always come first, and you need to consider settling them first before you start using the money anyhow. Also, always check the credibility of a money lending company before consulting them.

You may consult one that will frustrate you within the low period and that will even affect your mental health. Therefore, try to do thorough background research