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Sometimes you just need a little extra cash to get you through to your hard time.We are dedicated to providing our customers with fast, convenient and straightforward loan services.

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We provide flexible loan terms and set realistic repayments that suit your budget. We don’t surprise our customers with hidden fees and charges.

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we are dedicated to responsible lending practices and strive to meet the unique needs of all of our customers.

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Oasis Credit Services Pte Ltd

Always go for a licensed moneylender

A license should be one of the most important deciding criteria for you to make your final choice.
A Singapore licensed moneylender or their services are always within the limitations of the law.

At Oasis Credit, we value our customer’s urgency and thus, we have a very swift and easy loan application and approval process.
Need money today? Come to us and we will help you out with some of the best payment schemes that you will not have to think twice before taking a loan.

We are also one of the best licensed moneylenders in Singapore and we are known for our transparent lending practices.
Our core group of professionals will explain to you about our services and loan schemes.

Our financial experts will suggest you the best schemes to suit your needs and will only direct you towards something that you can afford.

Our lending practices are in alignment with the law of Singapore and we have all means to cater to the needs of our customers.
We also have a fast approval process which is less stringent and will be your savior in case of emergencies.

The streamlined application process ensures a quick disbursement of cash. Our highly trained financial advisors are ready to go to great lengths to give you the best service and the most reliable loan products.

If you are looking for a low-interest loan, give us a call today and we can discuss the details of the loan products.