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Our tailored loan services include customised packages, flexible monthly repayment plans, and fair instalments. When we say we value you, we mean it. Our packages can always be adjusted to work with your budget without adding more stress to your situation. That’s the power of our customer-centred creative philosophy.

At the end of the day, Oasis Credit Services provides the fresh solutions you need in a stressful and difficult time. With our simple and straightforward loan and financing process, you won’t have any trouble when you apply for personal loan. Contact us today at +65 6777 1121 to get started!

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Oasis Credit Services Pte Ltd

At the heart of our company, we’re dedicated to valuing our customers. We believe that providing the right business financing and personal financing services all boil down to understanding our customers’ needs.

In difficult financial situations, we understand the stress of needing to pay bills and settle debts as quickly as possible. Turning to family or friends might not always be an option, especially if they have other obligations or limited capacity. We also believe that poor credit history should never be a barrier to borrowing cash. We’re a licensed moneylender providing a better solution.

Part of understanding our customers’ needs and valuing the urgency of the situation is our dedication for creativity. For many years, we’ve honed our skills to develop plans which can be tailored to different financial situations. We take in your needs as well as your capacity to pay. Because we always prioritise you, we make sure that you end up with a repayment scheme you’re comfortable with. There’s no point to getting the money to pay your bills now if we’ll only be adding to your financial stress in the future.

Finally, our customer-centred philosophy is executed with the highest standards only. We want the entire process to be less of a hassle for you. From the moment you call or enter our store, we already deliver efficiency and suitability.

Responsible lending

We are committed to responsible lending, whilst we also advocate responsible borrowing by our customers. Like all good partnerships, we believe in a two-way relationship with our customers. We aim to only lend to those customers that can afford to pay the loan back. We will not issue credit to a new or existing customer should we feel it is detrimental to their overall financial situation.


We make every effort to offer a transparent service. If, however, anything about our service is not sufficiently clear please contact us with your queries so that we can answer them right away. Because we endeavour to continually improve our service to our customers, we welcome all feedback. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.