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SME Micro Loan

Are you a young entrepreneur or an aspiring new startup looking for funds? If yes, then you are in the right place. Our SME Micro Loan is a financial product specifically designed for Small to Medium Enterprises. We are among the leading Singapore Licensed Moneylender operating in the industry.

Oasis Credit Services Pte Ltd is offering SME Micro Loan to assist novice and veteran enterprises seeking;
–       Expansion
–       Optimization
–       Cash flow rehabilitation
–       Scalability

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    We provide flexible loan terms and set realistic repayments that suit your budget. We don’t surprise our customers with hidden fees and charges.

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    we are dedicated to responsible lending practices and strive to meet the unique needs of all of our customers.

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    Oasis Credit Services Pte Ltd – Personal Loan

    We are a Singapore Licensed Moneylender that has helped dozens of startups in achieving stability and self-sustainability. SME Micro Loan is one of the bestselling products we have in our portfolio. Remember! This product is offered to enterprises only. You can explore our website to learn about other loan products we are offering.

    Salient Features of our SME Loan Product

    –       Up to S$100,000 Loan Quantum

    –       Customized Repayment Scheduling

    –       Hustle-free Processing with Least Paperwork

    –       Quick Turnaround Time

    –       Best Approval Rates

    –       Lowest Interest Rates

    –       ZERO Upfront Fee

    Borrow With Grace


    Oasis Credit Services Pte Ltd is on the mission of providing our customers with swift allocations. We believe in creating beautiful partnerships by financing aspiring entrepreneurs. So, forget about never-ending bank queues and contact us today!

    Lowest Interest Rates – Guaranteed


    Being a Singapore Licensed Moneylender, we are bound to charge under 4% in terms of interest whereas banks are charging 4.5% to 8%. Oasis Credit Services Pte Ltd is offering Business Loans at lowest possible interest rates. Just contact us to get an instant quotation.

    Customized Loan Schemes

    Oasis Credit Services Pte Ltd has a lot more to offer than banks and other competitors. We understand the challenges of being a new entrant in today`s cutthroat business environment. Thus, we are offering customized loan schemes for our SME Micro Loan customers. Get in touch, and let us introduce incredible financing opportunities.

    Bring Three Documents & Secure a Business Loan

    NRIC, Bank Statement & Tenancy Agreement – submission of these three documents is all that you need to secure a loan from Oasis Credit Services Pte Ltd. Oasis Credit Services Pte Ltd has an optimized loan processing mechanism that helps us in offering you an unbeatable loan processing fee. Need assistance with documentation? Call us or apply now; our customer care representatives to speak your mind out!