What kind of investment are you thinking of getting into? With every investment, you may want to get a long-term loan from a credible money lending company. You can get affordable long-term loans in Singapore. One of the most credible money lending companies is Oasis Credit services PTE ltd that has some reasonable interest rates and payment durations.

There are a couple of things that you need to consider before acquiring a loan. Also, try to do thorough background research to ensure the company is not a loan shark, that can be frustrating.

The long term loans are loans that have a longer tenure time. It can start from one year to up to 30 years. It just depends on the purpose of the long-term loan.

The different types of long-term loans include education loans, car loans, home loans, and some other personal loans. The beauty is that you can agree with the money lending company on how you want to be paying the long term loan. That will make it easier to get a loan.

Why You Might Need A Long Term Loan?

Before you take up any loan, do thorough research to ensure you get the most ideal loan for your needs.

1. To Meet A Major Milestone.

You may want to get a higher education, get married, start a business, or buy a house or car. Therefore, getting a long term loan will be the ultimate solution. It is not a crime to get some additional financial assistance for a good cause.

When you get a good long term loan with the right payment terms, it becomes easier. However, ensure that what you want to invest in is important. Don’t just be taking loans for pleasure. However, regardless of your want, remember you will still need to pay the long term loan.

2. Further education

You may be done with your high school or university and want to further your education. However, you may not be having enough capital for the same. The best thing to do is to take up a long term loan to cater for your fees. However, while on this, try to choose a duration that will allow you to finish school and at least have started working.

When acquiring the loan, try to specify what the loan is for. This will make it easier for the agent serving you to provide the right advice. You can even decide that you will start paying up the loan, once you get an employment opportunity.

The terms and conditions will ensure you don’t get frustrated with payment while done.

3. Get A Car Or Business Car

Does your work require you to have a car? There is the convenience that comes with having your car. Therefore, you can consider getting a loan to get a business car to ensure your business thrives.

If you do regular delivery, you might need a car to make it easier to reach the required destinations. Many money lending companies have made it easier to acquire long term car loans. You can negotiate the interest rate to ensure you pay a comfortable amount each month.

4. Get A Home

Are you thinking of building your own house, but don’t have the required finances? Why not consider getting a loan to build a home?  Once you have your own home or apartment, you won’t have to worry about paying rent.

Once you are done building your home, you will be comfortable and start paying the loan slowly. You will have the advantage of your place, and not paying any rent.

How much better can it get? The interest rate is also favorable. Most home loans repayment duration are often between 3 and 30 years.

5. Important Personal Loans

You may have some dire personal needs that you may want to cater to. Therefore, you need to consider getting a long-term loan to cater to your needs.

However, since it is an unsecured loan, the rate is a bit higher. You won’t need any collateral to get long-term personal loans. This will help meet your financial needs.

Long Term Loan Features

  • High loan amount
  • Secured loan
  • Requires collateral to get
  • Attractive interest rate
  • Tax exemption

Long term loan benefits

1. Low-Interest Rates

You are allowed to pay a long term loan for a long period. That’s why it has a lower interest rate as compared to when you take a short-term loan.

Due to the higher principal rate, long-term loans, tend to offer a less rate of interest since you will be paying over a long period. However, you will still need to provide collateral as proof that you will pay back.

2. Cater To Many Needs

Once you finish catering for your major need, you can use the remaining money to cater to other personal needs. Therefore, you can prosper in other sectors too.

Let’s say you bought a car, you can use the remaining money to boost your business with stock. However, make sure you start paying back the loan on time.

3. Flexibility

You can pay back a long term loan over a long duration. Also, long-term loans are personalized from one borrower to the other. Therefore, you can talk to the agent, based on your needs.

Also, most of the loans are tax exempted. Therefore, you won’t worry about being charged any amount on the principal amount. How much better can it get?

4. Easy Application

As long as you have all the required documents, getting a loan becomes easier. You can apply online, then go in person to take the loan. This makes it much easier. However, be sure to request enough money to ensure you cater to all your needs.


If you are thinking of a large investment, you better consider getting a long-term loan. There are favorable rates, and you are assured that the loan will serve the right purpose.

You just need to ensure you get the loan from a credible money lending company in Singapore rather than a loan shark. You will regret that decision.