What needs do you have at the moment? Are you thinking of getting a loan? Why not consider getting a credit cash advance from a credible company like Oasis Credit.

A credit card advance is a kind that you get without having a formal loan application. There is also the payday loan and merchants’ cash advance loan that aligns with the credit card cash advance.

A credit card cash advance is a short loan from your credit card issuer; mostly a bank. In credit card cash advance, you get money to cater to some immediate needs. You can only borrow up to the cash advance limit of the issuer.

However, before you try to access a credit cash advance, consider checking the interest rates that the issuer provides.

Benefits Of Credit Cash Advance
1. You Get Access To Cash When You Need It
This is the most important part of a cash advance. In case you need some money, you will just need to go to the ATM and withdrawal. The other thing that makes it easy to access is that you do not need a bank’s approval to use it, as long as they have set the limit.
In case the card does not function, the customer care of the issuer is always open, and they can sort out the problem that the card has, and later, you withdraw the amount
2. Not Much Paperwork Needed
Taking a credit card cash advance is not hard. It becomes much easier when you are a client of the card issuer.
Moreover, fewer documents are needed when applying for a credit card cash advance since nothing like collateral is needed. This helps you get a loan even if you have another loan somewhere else.
3. There Is A Limited Enhancement
Limit enhancement is where the limit on your credit card, is either reduced or added. That means that if you feel that the limit is too high, you have an option of requesting the limit to be reduced. If you feel that you need more money for your expenses, you can ask the issuer to increase the limit, therefore, covering up your bills.
4. Credit Card Cash Advances Are Flexible
Flexibility, in this case, means that the loan can be used either online or in cash. This gives the borrower a chance to carry his or her card everywhere with the courage of using it either by withdrawing or at the point of sale.
Credit card cash advance is also flexible because there is the capability of using it outside the country. Most credit cards are designed in a way that can be used in various countries.

Factors To Consider When Applying For A Credit Card Cash Advance

1. Understand The Credit Card Cash Advance
Most people apply for any type of loan without knowing what the loan entails. You must understand in full what a credit card cash advance is. This can be done either by reading it online or by telling the issuer to fully explain to you what a cash advance is.
This helps much because you will be in a position to know the pros and cons of taking that loan. If you don’t understand, your trusted financial advisor will also help you understand.
2. Know The Charges And Interest
This is also another factor that most people forget to check. You might apply for a loan and later, during payments, you find an experience that you were not expecting. Interest is always written under the terms and conditions of the loan.
It is also wise to ask the lender to explain to you how the charges work. Having this knowledge will also help you know if the loan is fit to take, or you might opt to take another one.
3. Consider The Best Issuer
Credit card cash advance issuers are many, and it is up to you to look for the best type of issuer. The issuers have different types of policies and that means that the interest is not the same. Doing your calculation will help you know the best issuer with the best policies.
Look for referrals and good reviews so that you can be on the safe side. It is also good to choose a company that has always given out cash advances for a long time. This will help you deal with an experienced issuer who can handle customers.
4. Take A Loan With A Reason
Most people take loans without having a valid reason for that loan, and the person ends up misusing the money and later has problems when paying. Having a purpose when taking a loan also helps you plan the payment period, and you can organize your finances.
In case you are stuck with payments, you are also able to come up with other ways to pay it since you had plans. Do not take the credit cash advance loan if you are not planning to do something with the money.
5. Have Payments Plans
It is important to have various alternatives for paying back the cash advance. That helps you with plan B payment if Plan A fails. Do not take a credit card cash advance if you are not willing to pay back the money to the issuer. That might destroy your good credit history.
6. Credit Card Cash Advance Payment
It is easy to pay your cash in advance. You can pay either by cash or through online means through your bank issuer. It is important to pay the amount you have used in full so that you cannot be charged the interest. That means that you will be borrowing money for free if you pay in time and in full.


A credit card cash advance is a type of loan that is known and easy to understand. It is possible to take this loan and enjoy it once you consider the factors named above. Paying your used amount in full after usage will also give you an amazing experience with a credit card cash advance.